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Château Haut-Blanville certified HVE level 3

This year, and for the first time, we decided to obtain our first recognition label for our agro-ecological practices: High Environmental Value (HVE): label of French Sustainability.

What is this label based on? Why did we think it was important to get it? We are explaining everything to you!

What is High Environmental Value (HVE) label:

In France, High Environmental Value (HVE) is the highest of the three levels of environmental certification for agricultural and viticulture farming.

This label is the result of the willingness from both the French Government as well as several Unions to promote good farming practices for agricultural businesses and to encourage farmers to change their production method to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Vignobles des Charmes de Château Haut-Blanville

Obtaining this label is based on performance indicators on 4 main themes:


    • Respect of the biodiversity: HVE certification certifies that the elements of biodiversity (hedges, trees, insects, fauna and flora) are widely present on the farm and within the vineyards.
      Since the creation of the estate, we have always respected biodiversity with the preservation of uncultivated land, natural hedges of scrubland, berries trees and others pine trees!Cigale sur feuille de vigne

      • Phytosanitary strategy: HVE label allows to use synthetic phytosanitary products, but in limited doses, and only when it is really necessary. We must also justify the reason for using these inputs.
        At Blanville, we favor organic treatment products and we use conventional treatments only for the disease named “flavescence dorée” or during years particularly high in risk in terms of vine diseases.
        Grappes de vignes au printemps
      • Fertilization management: It is of course allowed to feed our vineyards, but with green and natural fertilizer and in limited doses. We have been using 100% natural fertilizer for many years, which we do not apply systematically every year but rather according to the needs of our vineyards.
        Vignoble des Peyrals de Château Haut-Blanville
      • Irrigation: irrigation is not prohibited but is firmly supervised. Since none of our vineyards at Château Haut-Blanville is irrigated, this 4th point has automatically been validated.


To learn more about HVE and its different levels, It’s here!

Why is this so important for Blanville?

Being an HVE certified operation means supporting a responsible mode of production and consumption.

To date, even if we have been using a lot of organic and even biodynamic practices and products, we have not started our official conversation toward organic yet.

However, it was important for us to have a label that still shows our commitment to the environment so that our customers better understand our approach and our values.

chien reniflant un bourgeon de vigne

We only have one planet; we work with it every day but with respect and we know it will give it back to us 1,000 times.

Respecting biodiversity means naturally avoiding certain diseases.

Avoid using too much fertilizer and only use natural one helps the vine without making it dependent on chemicals.

No irrigation allows a better concentration and quality of our wine juice, and to have vine roots that will sink deep into the earth to reach water, bringing complexity and minerality to our wines.

HVE is only a first step, our goal is to continue to progress towards an even greener quality viticulture and winemaking model!