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The 2020 harvest in Blanville…almost finished !

Based on the samples and analyzes carried out so far, and the results of the first plots harvested (mainly the Whites), the 2020 harvest is looking good, both qualitatively and quantitatively! Indeed, although the sanitary crisis has shaken the world wine market, it has not prevented vineyards from growing ……

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Domaine des Celtis, new Estate of Blanville

Domaine des Celtis is located in the AOP Languedoc Pézenas appellation, near the eponymous town, stronghold of Molière and former capital of the local “États Généraux” of Languedoc. In 2018, this new Estate has come to expand the family of great terroir wines produced by Blanville, thus reaffirming Blanville willingness to place a spotlight on the diversity and richness of the appellations within the Languedoc wine region.