Domaine des 8 Lunes (meaning Domaine of the 8 moons) is the fruit of the 2nde generation project: to give a second life to the forgotten grape varieties of Languedoc and to share them.

The vineyard is cultivated according to the principles of biodynamics and in respect of the lunar. The latter includes 8 different phases which inspired the name of the domain.

The domain is already certified in organic agriculture. We consider this new land as our incubator towards the conversion to biodynamics of the whole of Blanville vineyards (forgotten grape varieties,
vineyard and wine-making practices, …)

With this project, the team is embarking on a multitude of experiments with the aim of participating in the creation of tomorrow’s viticulture while respecting our land and leaving a new legacy to our

Our practices : 

  • Use of different biodynamic preparagons.
    • Horn dung (development of soil life and root system)
    • Horn silica (reinforcement of photosynthesis)
    • Yarrow (for the mobility of sulfur and potassium)
    • Chamomile Matricaria (forgficagon of the plant)
    • Nejle (good humidificagon of the plant)
    • Valerian (ang-stress of the plant)
  • Limitagon of the ground work
  • Sowing of plant cover
  • Manual harvesgng
  • Organic compost
  • Follow the lunar calendar for the different stages (pruning, applicagon of
    preparagons, harvesgng, bojling, …)

Lune des Louves

Photo Lune des Louves
Rouge Piquepoul Noir
Elevage Cuve inox

Nouvelle Lune

Photo Nouvelle Lune
Rouge Terret, Riverainc, Morrastel et Aramon
Elevage Cuve inox


Photo Artemis
Rouge Grenache noir, Cinsault
Elevage Cuve inox