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Domaine des Celtis, new Estate of Blanville

Domaine des Celtis is located in the AOP Languedoc Pézenas appellation, near the eponymous town, stronghold of Molière and former capital of the local “États Généraux” of Languedoc.
In 2018, this new Estate has come to expand the family of great terroir wines produced by Blanville, thus reaffirming
Blanville willingness to place a spotlight on the diversity and richness of the appellations within the Languedoc wine region.

Domaine des Celtis consists of 3 carefully selected plots, totalling 8ha out of the 15ha which constitute the vineyard surrounding the Château de la Loubatière. This castle was founded during the 15th century. Until recently purebred Arabian horses were raised in its barns.

Domaine name

“Celtis” is the Latin name of Hackberry tree, this majestic tree very shady, typical of the region of Pézenas is particularly widespread in the AOP Pézenas wine appellation.

Domaine des Celtis : One estate, two distinct Terroirs

The first is represented by a plot of 1ha of one single piece, planted on a basalt plateau surrounded by woods and characterized by a strong presence of black and porous volcanic stones which contribute to the uniqueness of this terroir.

It is from this unique plot that the cuvée VOLCANO comes from : a dominant Syrah wine, a complex personality with aromas of violet, pepper, black fruits and chocolate, very juicy, with silky tannins offering a nice volume in the mouth.

Bouteille de Volcano, parcellaire de Syrah

The second consists of two plots totalling 7ha, located on a plateau of Villafranchiens soil fairly homogeneous, which ochre and carmine colours, and characterized by the presence of many rolled pebbles of small cut.

The DOMAINE DES CELTIS cuvée is a red blend wine made of Syrah and Grenache Noir. It is characterized by marked aromas of red fruits, a supple and smooth taste balance, and a finish with a good length in the mouth.

Bouteille du domaine des Celtis, assemblage de Syrah et Grenache

Cultivation & Vinification profil

Cultivation and winemaking methods practiced at Domaine des Celtis are part of the continuity of practices that have always been promoted by Blanville : sustainable viticulture, respect of biodiversity, long maceration and ageing on the lees. As for the ageing, it is carried out in vats to preserve the freshness of the aromas while bringing a beautiful complexity to these two cuvées which can be enjoyed young. Plot selection operated by Blanville in the Languedoc Pézenas appellation continues, and new wines from Domaine des Celtis could see the light in the coming years.

Parcelle de Volcano

Our mission with this new wine estate

With Domaine des Celtis, Blanville reaffirms its vocation as a creator, passionate craftsman and entrepreneur which have been its core value since its birth. This new domain materializes once again the accomplishment of the missions that are given by the Blanville’s creator : reveal the wealth, excellence and diversity of the Languedoc terroirs by selecting exceptional plots within so far anonymous vineyards, and writing their stories in the gallery of great local wines.

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