Wine in one of its Moods

Loosing weight and other benefits of wine

« Drinking a glass of wine before going to bed in order to loose weight ? That is exactly what reveals a study made by researchers of State University of Washington and Harvard (read the whole article (in French).

Maybe a bit strange of a study, but there’s no doubt that this summer you will glance at your swimming suite while trying hopelessly to remember the location of your gym !

Warning : this study is not magical, and yes, you will still need to go to the gym for you to stay healthy and to strengthen your muscles, but if wine can give you a little boost, it is our obligation to let you know about it !


Let’s profit from this article to report on the benefits of wine, when it’s consumed with moderation of course!

1. Wine has a distressing effect and fights against tiredness : We all know those periods of stress, those unpleasant moments which cause a bad mood, tiredness or even agressivity… Hurry up and grab a glass of a good red wine (or white one) and let the endorphins spread in your body to relax you without making you fall asleep, because the substance of resveratrol helps you to stay awake.
2. Wine is an ally of your mouth : one glass of wine allows to clean your palate, to remove the grease and to valorize the taste of the food. Moreover, if you have a sensitive gums, you won’t need a mouthwash anymore- try one of our Cuvées, it will keep your mouth clean of bacteria !
3. The wine prevents you from many diseases, such as degeneration of brain cells or cardio-vascular illnesses.
4. It helps you to lose weight- see all details in this article (in French) of Marie-Claire.

Don’t forget that these benefits are observed if you are drinking  one glass a day!