Wine in one of its Moods

How Wine Sulfites became the “Bad Guy”

Few weeks ago, we discovered this article about sulfites, which is, we think, very helpfull to understand what is exactly the sulfite, and why people consider it as a bad thing.

Sulfite, bad for health ?

The main reason is people take care about what is in their drinks & food, which is a good thing. But, they can be misled because of lake of knowledge, and influence of medias. For example, it seems like sulfites could give a headache, but there is no scientific evidence that links sulfur with headaches….
Most current health concerns related to added sulfites stem from the fact that a small percentage of the population—estimated at less than one percent in the U.S ans most of whom are asthmatics.

Sulfite, bad for bacteries !

On the other side, in terms of wine, sulfur provides two important functions : it is an antimicrobial to prevent the growth of yeast or bacteria, and also prevents oxidative spoilage, when a wine is exposed to too much oxygen.
In our opinion, sulfites are like wine. If we use it with parcimony, this is no dangerous. That is why we use sparingly !

And if you drink enough wine to have a headache, maybe sulfites are not the first reason !

Please, read The full article to make your own opinion.