Presse & Concours

Château Haut-Blanville in Gilbert & Gaillard Magazine

Gilbert & Gaillard is a french guide which is internationaly known. With a very good quality of tasting notes, we participate every year to their wine tastings. They also have a quarterly magazine, in English, which treated the wine around the world. The Languedoc appellation was honored in this issue of Spring 2019, especially the 2014 vintage, which was a great vintage in Languedoc.

Presse & Concours

1955 : First Wine recommended by Wine Spectator !

The magazine Wine Spectator is known worldwide among wine professionals. Available on the net and on paper, millions of readers follow the advices of their wine experts every year. Gillian Sciaretta, one of the great tasters of Wine Spectator, recently wrote a very nice article on Languedoc, and Blanville is honored!

Terroirs & Découvertes

The Wine Passport visited Blanville

During the spring of 2018 we welcomed "The Wine Passport" in Blanville to make them discover our vineyard. Coming directly from Singapore, camera in hand, they wanted to make a nice tour of some French vineyards. Sent by our client from Singapore, we had a great time with them, and we are delighted to be able to present you today their very nice video!